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Paul Iribe, part 2

Yesterday we looked at some of Paul Iribe's work in fashion illustration, today we will look at some examples of his design work. Iribe was a versatile designer, applying his talent to furniture, fabric, wallpaper, jewelry, sets and interiors. Between 1919 and 1923 he worked on design for Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille. He had his own store on Rue du Fauborg Saint-Honore, Paris dedicated to the decorative arts.

here are some of the items he designed...





1914, "Roses" textile, silk and metal, designed for fabric giant Bianchini-Ferier, metropolitan museum of art



Iribe first began designing jewelry in 1910 An early example is this flamboyant sarpech (turban brooch) which was designed by Iribe for his first wife Jeanne Dirys in 1911. She wore it while acting in the play Le Codet des Contras and was illustrated wearing the brooch in an advertisement for the play featured in the Comoedia Illustre magazine in March 1911. It consists of a carved Mughal emerald of over 100 carats surrounded by a border of millegrain-set diamonds and calibre-cut sapphires with a series of tapering diamond, pearl and sapphire sprays. In this piece Iribe was experimenting in a proto art-deco style ten years before this aesthetic would really come to popularity. The piece was acquired by Cartier. In 1933 Iribe would collaborate with Chanel on a display of jewelry commissioned by the International Guild of Diamond Merchants which drew great crowds.



These were an important accessory for couturiers with an orientalist aesthetic in the 1910s.

1911 fan design for Jeanne Paquin

 1912 fan design for Jeanne Paquin

logos and packaging


One of Iribe's most recognisable pieces of design is the Lanvin mother and daughter icon. Here are some examples of its use through the years.






and for other companies

La Rose de Rosine by Parfums de Rosine, 1912. Designed by Iribe and Poiret

1930 Coty nailpolish advertisement

Credits:; elogedeart.canalblog; Lapada- the Association of Art and Antique Dealers; Metropolitan Museum of Art;siamgempalace.

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